Elite EXTRA: The Routing Solutions Experts

Jim Ward, President, Elite EXTRAJim Ward, President
Elite EXTRA‘s journey into the logistics arena began in the late 90s, when the parent company—Applied Data Consultants, Inc. (ADC)— cultivated roots in what was then a relatively new mapping technology called geographic information systems (GIS). It has now merged that technology with cutting edge application development to focus on optimizing and enhancing the capabilities of logistics service providers. With its expertise in dealing with the logistics landscape, coupled with its ability to offer innovative solutions, Elite EXTRA today has evolved into a leading routing solutions provider.

ADC has developed a highly customizable routing and scheduling solution—Elite EXTRA —an advanced dispatch management software built on a cloud platform, leveraging mobile technology. The solution can fit into any logistic company without disrupting their existing systems, enabling logistics, and distribution companies to plan their transportation routes efficiently.

As a standalone solution, Elite EXTRA has developed as one of the most robust and flexible dispatch management systems on the market, assisting organizations to streamline their dispatch and routing operations. “We have spent the last ten years ensuring that our solution can be customized for any B2B or B2C type of delivery or service-based operations,” explains Jim Ward, President, and Founder of Elite EXTRA. The platform allows clients the ability to easily create routes in optimized sequences, dispatch them to mobile devices, and track drivers in real-time. Whereas, the signature capture, barcode scanning and advanced reporting functionalities deliver enhanced accountability and visibility. Moreover, as a cloud-based SaaS platform, Elite EXTRA’s implementation is seamless, allowing organizations to bypass the need for hardware or server installs. Also, the company delivers the solution tailored to the client requirements.

EXTRA is developed as one of the most robust and flexible dispatch management systems, assisting organizations across the globe in streamlining their dispatch and routing operations

“If the customer does not need a particular option in the software, we can hide that, allowing us to customize our user interface for maximum ease of use” explains Ward.

With Elite EXTRA, as soon as a service or delivery call is initiated, and paid for, the company gets the location of the service or delivery call immediately through the dispatch map-based software, allowing seamless transition into the role planning stage. “We have various methodologies to automate the route planning so that routes are created and optimized automatically. Whether the job is time- or capacity-based, it is just going to flow from dispatch to the drivers Android or iOS device, efficiently becoming their ‘electronic clipboard’ for the day,” explains Ward.

The company’s focus today is not just on expanding their solutions, but also extends their exciting vision to an innovative future on a concept of automated dispatch. The solution will be designed with software as the mediator for delivery, so, even if the logistics company does not have a driver the software can route a driverless vehicle or a drone for the delivery on time without any hassle. The software will be able to suggest to the customer that an order was just placed, with the option to choose the best set of drivers that will be able to get these products delivered in the timeframe. The software can access the locations of all the drivers and the pickup locations as well.

Since its inception, Elite EXTRA has grown and evolved as a software solution. Another aspect of Elite EXTRA in the routing solutions space is the fact that the company’s expertise is not just limited to their solutions, but also extends to efficient customer service. This is one of the core reasons for the successful retention rate of Elite EXTRA—over 90 percent, a rate which every organization strives to achieve.