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Top 10 Routing and Scheduling Solution Companies - 2018

The pace of growth witnessed by the logistics sector has accentuated the need for best-in-class routing and scheduling solutions to ensure timely delivery of goods. The C-suite is gravitating toward adopting GPS systems for their fleets to gain visibility into driver performance, monitor fleets in real time, and better manage fuel consumption. Enhanced visibility, coupled with optimized routing and scheduling, has been instrumental in enhancing the overall logistics and delivery operations by avoiding unnecessary overtime, ensuring driver safety, and reducing transportation costs.

In the rapidly evolving logistics industry, customizable, cloud-based routing and scheduling platforms are becoming crucial. With data pertaining to delivery schedules and payments scattered across numerous systems, technologies like AI and machine learning are being leveraged to reduce manual intervention and minimize the scope for human error, while increasing efficiency. Moreover, developing state-of-the-art reporting features to support hassle-free auditing for clients is fast becoming a hallmark for companies. Providers of routing and scheduling solutions are also vying for the top spot with regard to accelerating the system integration process to help clients go live faster. In the wake of the pressing need to have an efficient routing and scheduling process, business leaders are looking for solutions that best serve their logistics needs.

In order to simplify the task for C-suite executives, a distinguished panel comprising CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, analysts and Logistics Tech Outlook’s editorial board, has reviewed numerous routing and scheduling solution providers and selected the outstanding ones. The companies have been chosen for their ability to provide innovative and customized solutions that effectively meet client requirements.

In this edition of Logistics Tech Outlook, we present to you “Top 10 Routing and Scheduling Solution Providers – 2018.”

    Top Routing and Scheduling Solution Companies

  • Azuga’s connected vehicle solutions are disrupting traditional markets for GPS vehicle tracking and road usage charging


  • Provides a dynamic real-time planning and scheduling optimization engine that assists companies with optimal use of their resources


  • Offers on-demand, software-as-a-service dynamic routing solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses


  • Delivers an online, advance dispatch management, real-time tracking and routing solution for logistics companies


  • Provides optimized route execution solutions for dispatchers and drivers and real-time visibility to other stakeholders such as sales representatives, merchandisers and managers about product deliveries and cancellations


  • Provides comprehensive route planning solution to improve efficiency and scalability of fleet operations through dynamic planning and intelligent route optimization


  • LogiNext Solutions

    LogiNext Solutions

    Provides solutions to manage and optimize logistics and field service operations in multiple industries such as Consumer Goods, Retail, Transportation, and Utilities

  • Maxoptra


    Offers dynamic real-time scheduling solutions to customers of the transportation industry delivering more business with same resources at lower operational costs

  • Paragon Software Systems

    Paragon Software Systems

    Provides routing, scheduling and transport logistics optimization software using vehicle tracking technology that improves route planning and deployment of vehicles and drivers

  • Wise Systems

    Wise Systems

    Offers route optimization software with scheduling, dynamic routing, and machine learning to help companies improve efficiency and customer service